There are many things that make selling furniture online specific. For example, these items are usually very heavy and large which make the process of shipping more complex. In addition, they are often very expensive which means that you need to reach a specific category of people. However, this doesn’t mean that those who want to sell furniture online will have to spend a lot of time and energy to find buyers. On the contrary, with the help of some specialized websites, they can start getting offers right away.


Did you know that it usually doesn’t take more than ten days to sell a piece of furniture via AptDeco? Another great thing about this website is that they are handling delivery. While it’s true that their fee is a little bit high (16% of the price), it’s also true that selling things via AptDeco is easy – you don’t have to pay to sell the item and you don’t have to pay for the delivery. When you list a piece of furniture, some of the potential buyers that are interested can make an offer. As a seller, you must respond in 24 hours (you can reject or accept their offer).


If you need a place to sell your used furniture, you can select Chairish too. Every registered member can list an item for free. But, before you list an item, the site will evaluate that item. Generally speaking, all the vintage and unique items are accepted. Sellers are getting up to 80% of the initial price for their furniture. Similar to eBay, sellers can arrange local pickup or ship the item on their own.


This is another example of a great place where you can sell your furniture. Trove is a huge online marketplace that works as a website, but also as an Android and iOS application too. The good news is that you can list any item for free. People can buy things via Trove with the help of their credit cards. It is up to the buyers and sellers to arrange the delivery. Another advantage of using Trove is that when you list an item, all the people in your area that are interested in an item like that will get notifications. This definitely speeds up the process of selling furniture online.

Don’t forget that there are many other websites like this out there.

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