Successful Business Ideas For Small Towns And Remote Areas


You might be living in a small town and wondering what kinds of successful small business ideas to start. Well, first you have to know that starting and running a business successfully in a small town is almost an insurmountable challenge. First, because it’s a small town, the market is not big enough. Second, if other businesses have already established there, your chances of success are slim. But don’t worry, we’ve done research and come up with promising business ideas that can help you succeed in a small town despite the challenges:

1)   Pet grooming and boarding is one of the best business ideas in a small town


The pet industry is big. In fact, it’s valued at $60 billion in the U.S. alone. People living in rural areas keep a lot of pets than those in urban areas because there is more than enough space to rear them in numbers. Pets, especially those living in the house must often be groomed to ensure they don’t bring in fleas and other health issues. Therefore starting a pet grooming and boarding business can bring greater returns on your investment quickly. And if you offer the best services in the area and develop a good relationship with the locals, you can be in business for the long term.

2)   Bakery is among the best business ideas that can work in a small town

Bakery products are consumed almost every day, with breakfast and birthday parties having the highest demand for baked products. And in this day and age, people prefer to buy fresh things, which means when it comes to purchasing bakery products, they would instead buy in a bakery than in a local merchandising shop. So if you can start a bakery in a small town, you can make decent income every month. Although it’s hard to set up a bakery, once it’s up and running, you’ll reap the fruits for a long time. To ensure you get connected to the community and make your bakery grow quickly, employ people from the community. You’ll have to do extensive research first before you start a bakery in a small town, especially if you’re first-time bakery owner. You’ll also need to set prices by the spending power of the people in the small town.

3)   A bar is one of the most successful business ideas you can implement in a small town


People living in small towns have lots of time to spare, which means they can drink for long hours each day of the week. Plus, in small towns, entertainment is what delights people, as there are not so many entertaining things to partake in. But first, you will have to research to know the kinds of alcoholic beverages people in that town like. You can’t just stock everything. Otherwise, you might find yourself having a lot of dead stock. Also, you should price your alcoholic beverages reasonably. People will not come to your bar in a small town if your prices are through the roof.

4)   A bookstore is one of the best business ideas with low investment to

start in a small town

In small towns, it’s hard to come

by a bookstore because people think that it’s not a lucrative business idea. People in small towns have a lot of time to spare during the day, and they could use that time to read books. Teenagers, mainly, can be your greatest asset when looking to open a bookstore in a small town.


So, if you live in a small town, take advantage of these lucrative business ideas. You can just be one of the most respected business people in the community if your business solves their problems. The good thing about starting a business in a small town is that expenses are relatively low, so you’ll be sure of higher profit margins.

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